Justice for Rosalie Avila ! Stop Bullying!

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Just recently, a 13-year old girl named Rosalie Avila who lived in Yucaipa,California committed suicide by hanging herself . This little girl was bullied and harassed by students at her school. She had to endure harassment, Mockery and unending degrading of her character. For example, the bullies would post pictures of her sitting alone at school on social media. 

Even after her death, the bullying and harassment never stopped. The parents are now being harassed. For example, the mother of the little girl received a meme stating with a character figure of Rosalie Avila  pointing to a bed “Mommy,Don’t tuck me in this” And another arrow following the text, pointing to a grave”Instead tuck me in this”. 

Most of all, I seen the response by the District Board of Education, it’s Administration, and staff all united in care and concern for those affected by this tragedy. However, there is deep disagreement with how they are confronting this issue. The District Board of Education stated that they are sending crisis counselors to the campus to talk to the students that are struggling to cope with their feelings.

With all due respect, Crisis Counselors being sent to the school is only a way to sweeping things under the rug. We need a Special investigator to be sent and evaluate the campus. Each student needs to be questioned and find out what they were doing that day.  Who are they associated with? In what way do they know Rosalie Avila? What was the intent if there was one? Not only that but school administrators and teachers need to be questioned as well.

Additionally, If there is a possibility that there are any circumstantial evidence or witnesses that claim the Parents of the bullies were involved in the violent acts against Rosalie Avila; the Law is perfectly clear that they should be held accountable as well.  Lastly an independent investigation needs to be held and this case should be reassign and conducted by State and Federal Government. 

Justice needs to be done. This case is involving Criminal matters. Charges need to be brought.

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