Justice for Canadian kids

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My young children Zubin and Zariya, three and one years old, are Canadian citizens. They don’t know any country other than Canada. But our family is about to be deported from Canada.

We are well established in Canada. Their mother and I work permanent jobs and have many relatives living in Canada.

But despite this, our permanent residency application was denied and we now face deportation. We have spent almost all of our savings on legal proceedings. If we are deported, our family will face serious hardships in Bangladesh. 

We are forced to make the choice between keeping our family together or giving our young children the Canadian quality of life we came here for. But we cannot leave our children behind. Zubin and Zariya will never get the Canadian quality of life if we are sent back to Bangladesh.  

Why will they be deprived of their Canadian rights? Please join us in asking the government not to punish two little Canadians by deporting their hardworking parents. Please speak up and help keep our family together.

Thank you all for your support. Please keep us in your prayers.