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Department of Justice: Investigate Justice Thomas' Conflicts of Interest


Clarence Thomas admitted recently that he falsified 20 years of Financial Disclosure documents going back to 1990, including during his confirmation process, by failing to disclose more than a million dollars in salary earned by his wife during that time.  

Ginni Thomas also launched an organization called Liberty Central and raised more than $550,000 in order to advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark Citizens United case. Ginni Thomas then received salary and benefits from that organization. The Thomases then invested in another company called Liberty Consulting to lobby on behalf of the “Tea party,” with Mrs. Thomas also receiving “salary and benefits” from that company.  

Falsifying disclosure forms violates the criminal provisions of 5 USC app Sec. 104 and 18 USC 1001, and “judicial insider trading” violates other federal statutes.  

These are serious allegations. Citizens United drastically changed the face of American elections, leading to an avalanche of often undisclosed money into electoral politics.

We, the undersigned, ask the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute these violations of Federal Law, and not afford Justice Thomas special treatment.

A U.S. Supreme Court Justice who violates the law places our nation's judicial system in serious jeopardy and makes a mockery of the words carved on the front of the Supreme Court, "Equal Justice Under The Law."

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    Edwin Kneedler
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    Gary Grindler
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    Leondra Reid Kruger
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    Michael Dreeben
  • US Attorney General
    Eric Holder
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    James M. Cole
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    Neal Katyal
  • US Attorney General
    Eric Holder
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    Malcolm Stewart
  • Assistant Director in Charge, Department of Justice
    James W. McJunkin

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