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I was fooled by sweet gestures and talk of having a sweet arrange marriage

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It was an arrange marriage my mother saw it on a marriage portal ,and they called up for the marriage . I started talking to the guy he talked sweetly and nicely to me we shared thoughts we seems to like each other and he came to my house to say yes to me that was 4th of Aug 2017, then we all said yes we took the dates from paditji and went to Lucknow to finalise it they said for 4th dec and it was a nice journey till 10 Sep being a girl I supported him in everything. They invited us for the marriage of the guys sister who will be my sister in law later on , as discuss earlier they said on 4th Aug I will do the rituals ofdaughter in law but it didn't happen n my engagement was supposed to be in oct as per the prior discussion but after they return back to Lucknow everything changed drastically my engagement was shifted to 2nd dec and was told by them to do booking we all did it in a hotel .We told them that we will be coming after Diwali to give the card n start distributing cards after that to all frnds and close one but on 18th guys mother said stop the printing of card we need to discuss something before we can proceed and that day 5 cards were there in the house n my wedding clothes n jwelleries then on 24th october without any discussion we got a watsapp msg by guys father that groom n bride are not comfortable with each other and the family also so marriage should be cancel we can' t go against our child after that nobody  bothered to answer our calls. Morever they needed us to cater their 150 guests on 2nd event and on main event that was 4th dec and wanted us to book the rooms around 90 rooms and they said we will adjust our 100 guest is 90 rooms, groom side was from Lucknow and for this all reservations were done .Were they fooling around with the family and wasting our money for past 2 months .And the actual fight the groom started on 15th oct if I book the tickets for honeymoon who will dam pay the bills if your father had said no to honeymoon trip sponsered by him and in month of September my dad said if u decide I can book tickets for Malaysia and give you money in hand for eating and shopping that was just 2 lack  but he said no we will go in India dad said just decide the place I will book it he didn't  after a month he said to me that lets go to karela in 1.5 lacs i said whatever suits your pocket he confirmed that is this cater by my father i said no because my father asked about it and you didn't said anything at that time so we all thought its cancelled and then he shouted at me and treat me like anything with his words. Is this the way marriages happen in India this is how a girl family is treated that a house full of happiness converted into a house of sadness.  I am standing with my marriage card in hand and crying what I did wrong and my family that we are suffering the loss of my emotions money and respect.

Is this what an army officer family deserve n educated girl like me deserve please help me I dnt want them to ruin some other girl life like this. Where is our traditions and ethics are gone

Boy name is Mohit bhargava his father name is Ajay Bhargava and mother name is Varsha Bhargava and sister shruti bhargava and her husband hemant bhargava they all reside in lalbagh having a printing press that is a family business if any one can help me with some sources or ways the full con family can be punished can contact me @ 


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