For DOJ To Appoint Special Counsels To Investigate Leaks, Spying, Unmasking and Usurpation

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We are actually in the midst of a full-blown Constitutional crisis, but not because of anything President Trump has said or done; rather, it is because those opposed to President Trump--elected Democrats, the administrative and deep state, and the media--have decided that Trump is a cancer on the body politics, and even if they have to kill that body to excise it, they will.

They are actually creating a Constitutional crisis out of whole cloth by hysterically acting like everything Trump says and does is a Constitutional crisis. They are killing the trust and good will necessary for the democratic process. They are doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing last fall in one article and broadcast after another, like Democracy's Wrecking Ball: Donald Trump's 'rigged' rhetoric undermines America's system of government.

It doesn't matter how many times (three separate links) they are proven wrong, they continue to make wild accusations, make them incessantly, make them over everything, and then demand they get investigated, that we "get to the bottom" of something has no top because it exist only in the realm of j'accuse! That's why they have to keep the hysteria ratcheted up to a 10 on the Richter Scale, to keep everyone so alarmed no one takes a moment to notice the rumble is a train passing by.

They breathlessly report about how Trump has either a trust problem or a credibility problem or both. These are by and large people who never granted Trump an ounce of trust or respect or ever allowed that he had any credibility. It's as if the hecklers and the critics were the same people. At night they go to the show and heckle the performers, and then they write up the story the next day, as critics, that the performance was so bad the audience couldn't stop heckling.

The Democrats and Media are not going to stop the Russian hysteria. Why? Because it works. Flynn did nothing wrong regarding contact with Russians. He should still have been fired because he failed to register his work for Turkey, but not because he spoke to the Russian Ambassador during the transition.

Sessions recused himself. He did nothing wrong. In his capacity as a representative of the people of his state he spoke with the Russian Ambassador, and the question he was asked was about in his capacity as a surrogate. Nunes was concerned about unmasking and leaks, and they used the Russian farce until he recused. Now we have special counsel.

All accomplished with baseless conjecture and ungrounded accusations. Keep the hysteria ratcheted up to a 10 until in exasperation Trump essentially says "There's nothing here. Can you please just stop." Then accuse him of obstruction of justice. It doesn't matter if there was never any evidence of collusion, they switch the focus away from the smoke to the mirrors. They know there was "no there there", but now they want to get Trump on obstructing something that doesn't exist.

People voted for Trump because they felt forgotten, powerless, voiceless, and once again they are proven they still are. The one power they have, the one voice, is their vote and the Democrats and media are trying to disenfranchise them of it.

The one issue with no evidence is the only one being investigated. Since the Russian collusion investigation isn't going to go away, this petition is a call for the DOJ to appoint special counsels to investigate the leaks (which are published proof of illegal activity), the illegal searches by the Obama Administration, the unmasking of members of Trump's transition team, the improper usurpation of the DOJ by Comey, and the FBI illegally sharing spy data on Americans with private parties

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