Familial DNA Testing For Identifying Killer in Indiana Murder/Rape Cases

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I am petitioning on behalf of victims Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, who were brutally murdered in Delphi, Indiana on February 13, 2017, while out enjoying their day on a local hiking trail /and historic bridge area. Their killer has not been found. I know that their families cannot even begin to heal until their murderer is caught.

We believe there is DNA evidence in their case that is not a match to anyone currently in law enforcement’s database.
Familial DNA testing can identify relatives of the suspect in the state and national DNA database.   This can  allow the police to then narrow down the investigation and identify potential suspects. This method was recently used in California to identify the Golden State Killer via a genealogy website.

 11 states use this method currently- which include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming and it is also used in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Supporting this petition could potentially allow this method to be used in cases such as Abby and Libby’s to assist in  identifying potential suspects when a match cannot be attained through traditional DNA testing.  I urge you to support this petition to allow Abby and Libby’s assailant to potentially be identified and brought to justice.  Allowing this test to be approved in IN will not only identify Abby and Libby’s killer, but help solve other unsolved murders in Indiana as well.