0 have signed. Let’s get to 500! Get Philomena Sheahan taken into custody and put on trial for false rape allegations against former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.. Philomena Sheahan (miss gucci witch) has been saying that she was raped by Enzo Amore the day of october 19 2017. She was invited to a party where she did drugs with two other people but theres quite enough evidence that she is lying. Her former friend sam cook made a YouTube video providing text messages that philomena sheahan sent to her friend Rachel the night of the event (i posted the link right above) in one of those messages she does say that she met too poor & did cocain with her & tyler. We dont know who this tyler is but also in that message she says "and fucked their friend" that night of the event it was just philomena sheahan, too poor, tyler & Enzo Amore also known as Eric Anthony Ardnt inside a hotel room. So she said "i met too poor & did coke with her and tyler & fucked their friend" she says that she was raped that night by Enzo Amore but noticed how she said FUCKED THEIR FRIEND. If she was really raped wouldnt she have said "their friend raped me?" its obvious she was never raped and also notice that in one of those messages she brags about how she slept with Enzo Amore. She says "believe it or not bitch it happened & i am laying in bed next to a famous wrestler" BELIEVE IT OR NOT BITCH IT HAPPENED & I AM LAYING IN BED NEXT TO A FAMOUS WRESTLER!! shes bragging right here. Theres no doubt shes not. She denies the messages, says she doesnt remember sending them & then makes a post on twitter admitting that she did send those text messages but that they were 'sent out of context' how do you admit doing something that you dont remember doing? Thats another way to know she is lying. Shes out here selling nudes & making jokes about rape, shes proud that Enzo Amore's career ended. If i had a way to post the video i seen on twitter where she says "im one hot ass bitch so i get why he'd want to rape me" i would post it so the authorities could see that she is lying.. This girl was never raped, who talks like that in the 1st place? & who takes half naked pictures with a guy? This girl needs help. Whether its mental help or rehab but she needs help & she needs to go to jail for this.. Eric Ardnt needs justice

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