False 911 Calls Against African Americans and other Minorities of Color

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Brief OverView: As a society, we have recorded and seen multiple false reports made due to an individuals race. It is already against the law to call 911 without a real emergency, false accusations is as well, & it shows passive aggressive discrimination. It wastes operators time aswell as officers who arrive ready for a nonexistant scene. Given that a general discrimination act is already in place, there needs to be a punishment to enforce this as jail time is not always an option. It puts the lives of African Americans and Other Minorities of Color in danger as statistics show this is the main group mistaken for being an aggravated assault even when shot or killed while unarmed. It also harms police department reputations and risks officers recieving jail time for responding to false calls. 

Due to current an passed events we the people here by call for actions. Countless of times due to hate & ignorance we have sat & watched innocent people killed and or convicted unjustly. One of the most popular cases being Emmett Till, who was accused of whistling at a white woman, they launched and beat him to death, his mother was told to have a closed casket but she refused, she wanted the world to see what they did to her son. Her black son. The woman who accused Emmett of whistling at her admitted on her death bed that she lied about the incident that caused a 14 year old boys death. All because he was black. It’s not the first time such actions have happened. The people who make false accusations waster valuable resources of our first responders, taking time from an actual emergency. These people must be charged with false accusations, defamation of character, slander and libel, which are all civil lawsuits. These racist should be punished to the full extent of the law, arrest need to be made immediately following incidents regarding false accusations etc., No Justice, No Peace