Ban Law Enforcement from Having Sex with Detainees

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There is currently a loophole in the system where law enforcement can have sex with detainees as long as the officer claims the sex is consensual. 

This issue was brought to light in a 2017 case where an 18 year old girl in New York was sexually assaulted by the two law enforcement officers who were holding her in custody. This sparked a national uproar and led to the proposal of "The Closing Law Enforcement Consent Loophole Act" in California. However, as of January 2020, 34 states and Washington D.C. still allow law enforcement officers to have sex with the detainees they have in custody as long as they claim it is consensual (as per the Daily Times). A major part of this issue is that the detainee's word will not be taken above the officer's, allowing them to control the narrative.  In any situation, if you were to ask a rapist, an abuser, etc. if they committed their accused crime, of course they would deny it. This is horribly dangerous as it doesn't give the potential victims a voice. 

If the situation arises where a detainee claims an officer sexually assaulted them, they should be given a rape kit and tested for DNA. If this situation were to arise now, it would still be one person's word versus the other. However, if this law were passed, then the biological evidence would prevail, as it would be illegal for the officer to have sex with the detainee in the first place.

This is change is needed on a national level. Due to the power officers have over those in custody, the general vulnerability of the detainees, and the inability to rule out coercion, I'm proposing that a law be passed nationally to prohibit law enforcement officers from having sex with detainees.