Stop The Deportation Of Apisai Dennis Maele From Australia.

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Our family is in need of help to support our son Apisai with his visa. Our son Apisais visa has been cancelled and could be deported back to New Zealand where he no longer have families nor place to live or call home. Our son has been locked up in prison since February 2018 and was given 15 months parole and he applied to revoke for his visa. It has been pass the 15 months and still no answer about his visa revocation and he's still locked up. It was his first time to get him self into trouble here in Australia and has regret his mistake. However finding out he could be deported back to a country where he no longer have families and separated from all his families  here in Australia has caused a lot of stress on him and our families. Our family left New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2009 .Apisai's the oldest child out of our 8 children's. We hade 4 children's including Apisai in New Zealand and 4 here in Australia. It will be difficult for Apisai if he gets deported back to New Zealand where he no longer have family nor place to live back there. It will be difficult for our family to move back to New Zealand too because our daughter is the school captain for her school and is graduating this year. She will than be studying at the Monash University for Law next year. We have two of our children's attending college and the other two in primary school who really loves their School's and doesn't want leave.Apisai is a loving older brother who loves and cares for all his younger siblings and whom his younger siblings look up to for anything they need. Apisai is also the person who works together with his father to help provide for our family here in Australia. We only hope that our son Apisai be given another chance to live here together with us and not be separated from his parents,seven siblings,families and friends that loves him dearly. Apisai has applied to revoke for his visa but still hasn't received an answer yet and still waiting. Please help our family and Apisai through this hard times. We would appreciate all the help and support we get. Thank you. APISAI'S FAMILIES.