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Return custody of Cyrus, Ellison, and Caden Way to their parents.

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DHS has had a huge detrimental impact on my family. They have turned the joyous event of bringing baby home, into the nightmare of not knowing where your children sleep for more than a month. DHS removed four children on the basis of immediate danger, all of those allegations were dismissed... so why are my children still in DHS custody?

Previously accused of lying and not following procedure, Marie Alaniz over stepped her bounds when removing my children. When I thought April 27th was the worst day of my life, I was wrong.  It would be proven that the following days, weeks, and months are just as bad.

Marie lied in court, and to DHS workers who searched my condo for a grow op she claimed was there. She also lied to my family. Marie would give us a day that Caden was to be placed, just to change it.. She blocked us from all of our children, and once Caden was finally placed, blocked us from my parents house too. She didn't just block us (Carlon and I) though, she blocked the ENTIRE family for WEEKS.  Marie justified going against the courts order of three visits a week with just one visit a week with lies about Carlon and myself not going to our one weekly visit... but we had signed in at the front desk every time. She removed my children, without even giving me a reason. After two weeks of no reason, she finally responds with the twins tested positive for THC and if one child is neglected, they all are...

But.. none of my children were ever neglected. All of them well cared for, thriving, and enjoying life. Caden never missed a Dr appointment, Leah getting good grades, the twins in the NICU -- both impressing nurses and Doctors. There is no evidence to prove my children were abused or neglected... instead there is evidence to prove that they are well cared for, loved deeply, and played with. ESD reports Caden "appears to be a bright child". Multiple people have claimed Leah's had a lot of  improvements since DHS moved her in with us initially last February.. How could Marie's word triumph all the work we had done? How could it trample everyone else's opinion?

This is a case of a DHS worker, Marie Alaniz, abusing her power. Manipulating the system AND courts, slandering my name, not following procedure. It's obvious she was not focused on my children's well-being.  Otherwise why would she take them from the most important, trusted people in their lives? Marijuana's most dangerous risk factor is feeling sleepy.. Marie traumatized my entire family over this harmless plant..

When a social worker takes a child, they get paid. When they take an infant, they get a "baby bonus". When they take a "special needs" child, they get even more. Why do you think Marie Alaniz tried so hard to convince everyone the twins needed a "special needs" foster home? She kept saying that  in courts, but we later found out the twins stayed with a first time foster mother. She had no nursing background. She said that she was actually afraid when she looked at Cyrus and knew she would be caring for him. Bless her. Even though my children should have been with me, I could tell she treated them right.. unlike Caden's foster parent who allowed the worst injury I've seen happen to him occur. I never feared for my children, until DHS took them..

Famotidine, Reglan, Prilosec, Zofran, Phenergen, Carafate, Compazine, Meclizine, Vicodin, Levsin, Ranitidine, Omepradole, Oxycodone, Ibuprofen, Docusate Sodium. These are all the medications I have proof of being prescribed to help ease my condition in the last few years. All of them with their own risk factors, some of them had bad effects with my body. One of them is a steroid that can cause tardive dyskinesia (from my understanding is uncontrollable twitching, arm throwing, and facial movements), and they prescribed that while I was pregnant with Caden.  Each one of those pills is more dangerous than marijuana, so.. where is the logic??

My children need to be returned so we can focus on the future. Our children deserve to have our attention and care 24/7. Leah deserves to be living under the same roof as her siblings. We deserve to have our family back.

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