Domestic Violence victims should not have to pay child support to the aggressor

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Exemptions in payment of child support needs to go both ways in Domestic Violence situations.  Change is essential to Child Support Legislation in 50/50 shared care arrangements.  

Currently only the aggressor is granted the exemption from paying the recipient, but the exemption does not go both ways. This is a massive concern, particularly on stress levels and anxiety to me.  I wonder where I am going to get the money to pay him, whilst he is in the process of trying to isolate my children from my family (and his family) at any possible opportunity and for no valid reason.  Removing the stress of the child support payment would remove one massive worry from my life whilst I still need to deal with him.  (My children are young so I still have a LONG time to deal with this).

My situation is that I obtained an exemption from him paying me Child Support due to Domestic abuse (which, by the way doesn't stop once your divorced!!)  He has set up a business and claims he earns less than me (as he doesn't "pay" himself much) so I now have to pay him Child Support.    This makes me feel like victim again in a financial abuse situation and is causing me a lot of emotional distress, anxiety and worry.  He was very vindictive when I instigated Child Support due to our inability to continue a private arrangement due to the DV.

Regarding Change of Assessment Applications with Child Support - In DV situations the financial circumstances of the recipient of DV should NOT be given to the aggressor as part of any application process. I have chosen not to proceed with this applications because of not wanting him to obtained any of that information.  I had to make a conscious choice to go through this process and risk him getting this information, or to "suck it up" and just pay him.  I choose the later for self preservation. It seems like the Government is encouraging this financial DV and are only "talk" about wanting to stop DV.  

The intention of the CSA exemption to the aggressor is to alleviate one issue to have to deal with the DV from the ex, a potentially dangerous issue.  Well, I believe I should be given the exemption to relieve this massive emotional burden, stress and financial abuse in my life when I still have to emotionally deal with his attempts to control, manipulate and bully me and the children.  There is only so much a person can deal with.

Please support my partition.  Please write a letter to the Federal Minister requesting change (I am in the processes of doing this).

(Update: I wrote to a dozen Ministers and all responded basically saying that's the way the legislation is.  Well... Change it Ministers Change it!!!!!!!)

There are many women in my situation. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my petition.  Please share this petition to spread the word.

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