Centerlink: Give My Mother Her Allowances Back!

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My mother is a single parent and she's struggling on her own with a little money. On Thursday 10 March 2016, snergy cut our power, electricity, gas and water due to a huge bill. Mum pays $200 weekly rent. She is struggling everyday and been fighting to get her allowances back. I suffer with mild autism and mental health issues. My mum risks to fight her carers payment for me. As the months go by, I had been unwell from not eating. We couldn't afford food anymore as we used to cook. I went to tafe with occasional headaches and nausea. I grew more depressed due to mums financial situation and became suicidal at times where I wanted to get out of the situation. I was unhappy hearing how centerlink made so many excuses not to pay my mum and she rang them every day until the point they kept hanging up as usual. Now we are disadvantaged and financially poor, we cannot have a shower inside. Instead we bathe in a pool outside. Pretty disgusting how centerlink repays us. I'm not waiting until we get kicked out. They need to pay my mum her money back right now. I'm getting mentally and physically sick from this crisis. I'm a 17 year old girl watching my mum suffer. This needs a change. Please sign my petition. It means a lot to me knowing that we don't need to struggle on our own

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