Stop housing discrimination against all dogs

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Housing all over the United States has become a problem for people that have dogs...I'm not talking about little dogs, I'm talking the bigger dogs...Pit bulls.. Rottweiler...German Shepard..Chows... Dobermans...any of the bigger dogs put on the Aggressive Dog Breed people understand it's not the dog....There are responsible pet owners out there. Pet owners that think of their fur babies as family not just an owners that are devastated because they can't find homes where they are allowed to have their family because of irresponsible owners or people who are afraid of dogs...and house insurance companies that discriminate against pets.. You can only get renters insurance at certain companies to cover the bigger dogs. This has got to stop...these animals need homes and families to love them...children to play with and protect or elderly people to take in the older pets or the single person that has had an animal since they were little...these people that discriminate against dogs must not have had a pet in their life to know the feeling of loving an animal ...these fur babies are just that babies no matter what age and to deny them a home because they might make a mess by accident or protect someone they love is wrong...we need to fight these people and companies all across America...everyone who has animals needs a please we have to correct this discrimination...add a pet fee if you have to but please allow pets in all rentals houses and apartment complexs and make insurance companies give you homeowners insurance or renters insurance with no discrimination...we need justice for our pets.