Stop ICE from Deporting Women Who are Victims to Coerced Hysterectomies!

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On September 14, Dawn Wooten, an ex-nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, filed a whistleblower complaint to the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s office, outlining concerns over medical neglect at the facility. One of the most shocking sections of the complaint, outlined concern of unwarranted hysterectomies being performed on women at the facility. The 27-page complaint excluded specific names of the victims or the gynecologist in question, but after the report gained attention, brave women at these centers came forward and shared their stories. Their stories exposed Dr. Mahendra Amin’s invasive procedures and unwarranted hysterectomies being performed on these women. An investigation later done by the New York Times revealed that these medical procedures were unnecessary and could have been avoided with much less invasive treatments. Furthermore, women revealed that not only were invasive procedures common, but many times, there was no interpreter present to help the women understand what procedures they were consenting to when signing consent forms. In response to the allegations, public support was joined with the support of lawmakers, who demanded that the Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s office investigate the validity of the claims. 

Today, there is an ongoing investigation into the allegations by the FBI, the Justice Department, and the DHS inspector general’s office, however, the women who have bravely come forward, are now being deported.  A few weeks ago, six women who alleged abuse from the doctor were deported. The remaining women who courageously came forward, are now facing the same imminent threat

We must demand that no more women be deported during the ongoing investigation into the allegations. These women are vital witnesses and evidence to the investigation, and we cannot allow ICE or Dr. Mahendra Amin to get away with their actions. Excluding them from the investigation means the continuation of an improper and unjust investigation. These women have already experienced inhumane and life changing treatment and we must stand with them and demand that their human rights be protected.