Enhance the list of "Essential Reasons to cross the border" during the Covid-19 crisis.

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The Full Time Residents of Point Roberts, Washington are a very special group regarding the containment of the Coronavirus. At this time, there are no known cases of Covid-19 in any of the ~1314 full time residents, and over 300 people have been tested. We request a special dispensation to traverse the 26 miles of Canadian roads to get to Blaine, WA and the US Mainland, and back, without stopping in Canada, which creates virtually no health risk to Canadians. The only other option is to travel by air at $135 each way and available only once a week, or by private boat.

Point Roberts citizens cannot, as examples, access dealer based or specialty based vehicle maintenance or tire repair, visit their second home on the mainland or in Point Roberts for repairs and maintenance, buy groceries and household goods not available in Point Roberts, apply for employment on the mainland or receive health care for their pets. Residents also request the ability to access services in Tsawwassen, as Point Robert Citizens are not a health risk to Tsawwassen residents.

We the undersigned believe the reasons to traverse Canada to / from the US Mainland with zero stops in Canada should be included as Essential Activities for Point Roberts Residents only.