Demand ICE Stop Mass Hysterectomies

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According to a nurse at a Georgia ICE facility, doctors are performing hysterectomies on women without consent. This is so disgusting and inhumane that it is truly hard to find words to describe the people and environment where this could happen. Imagine the trauma of not only being detained but having a serious, life changing, medical procedure performed on you without your consent or a full understanding of the procedure. No human should have to endure that experience and carry it with them for the rest of their life. 

This nurse shares a story of a doctor removing the wrong ovary in a young woman, which lead to having both ovaries removed. She wanted to have kids, but now, due to this reckless doctor, that's not an option for her.

It's sickening to imagine what other atrocities are happening in an environment where this behavior not only goes unchecked, but is supported by the staff. Thank goodness for this one whistle blower. 

Please sign this petition, telling the Department of Homeland Security that we know what is happening, that they must take immediate action to stop all unnecessary and unauthorized hysterectomies, as well as investigate those that were in anyway engaged in these activities and hold them accountable to full the extent of the law.