Gain - the opposite of lose! Ensure the Custodio family remain in Bell, Queensland.

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The Custodios, an extremely hard working family of six, originally from the Phillipines, have been deemed as not satisfying Migration Regulations.  Their son, Gain, a Year 6 student has autism and it is his health needs that apparently precludes them from satisfying these regulations.

The community of Bell values this amazing family and feels they should be granted permanent residency as they have been committed to our small town since 2014.  Granting a visa to Gain will not prejudice the access of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to health care or community services but will allow them to stay and flourish as valued members of our school and our town.

Sadly, under the department's 'one out, all out' system the denial of Gain's visa means that all of the Custodio family will have to return to the Phillipines if their appeal is denied!

This means our small, rural school will lose four valued students, (Gerard, Gain, Geof and Don) and our town will lose a flourishing restaurant (Geraldine's Tummy Teasers) run by their parents.  Geraldine is the main stay of the business, opening seven days a week while also working as a casual Teacher's Aide.  Her husband, Geofrey assists her with operations whilst also working as a genetics and animal health specialist in one of the district's large piggeries.

Geofrey and Geraldine are committed P&C volunteers, regularly donating time and vouchers towards fundraising and extra curricular activities.  I am one of many in the community of Bell who watch in admiration as Geofrey and Geraldine combine their parenting and volunteering with full time shift work and a seven day a week hospitality business.

Our town can't afford to lose the Custodios.  We will all gain if Gain is given citizenship!  Please sign and show your support for my friends - Geraldine and Geofrey and their sons.