Allow Tyler The Creator into Australia

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Tyler The Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma) has been unfairly banned from entering Australia.

The ban imposed many years ago is unfair, unjust and as members of the rap community in Australia plead that this is lifted, so Tyler can perform on Australian soil.

He is not a man who is here "[vilify], inciting discord in, or representing a danger to, the Australian community" as he has been wrongly accused of many years ago. Outrageous statements have been made by members of the movement group "Collective Shout" as far as accusing him of "[Tyler] inciting his fans... threatening with rape and murder". The voice of this ill-informed group is NOT the voice of the community.

Tyler is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists in the rap community, with his music touching the hearts and minds of millions of people. A testament to this is his "Camp Flog Gnaw" festival with artists around the globe reaching out to be a part of it. Not to mention his closely working with widely known and reputable brand Converse on the "GOLF" range of apparel. Recently, he even produced the sound-track to the holiday children's movie "The Grinch". This is NOT the description of a dangerous man with bad intentions as he has been accused.

Tyler himself has declared his love for Australia openly, and as one of the most influential and looked up to artists in the rap community should have his Visa status reviewed to look at the FACTS, rather than the biased opinion of a minority group.



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