To ensure a coordinated package of aftercare for all families following the loss of a baby/child, which will involve Midwives, GPs and full support networks.

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In December 2012 we lost Charlie Arthur Curtis to Potters Syndrome after 19 minutes of life.

Whilst in hospital the care we received was excellent, however once we stepped outside the hospital doors we found that there was little or no support out there for bereaved/grieving families. 

The support we received fell well below any standard a grieving family should receive. We want our experience to help improve the support available to other parents and families in the future. 

In Leeds alone there are 32,000 people awaiting bereavement counselling. The wait for counselling can be anything from 6 - 18 months. Surely this cannot be right. Bereaved families need support as soon as they leave the hospital. If each family were to be given a carefully coordinated personalised aftercare package their journey through grief could be made easier.

We need your support to help get the Health Department to change their bereavement services throughout the UK. We know we can make a difference with your support. 

Already we have been able to generate much discussion within the NHS in Leeds.