We Demand Danger Allowance, PPE's and Tax Cuts as Healthcare Workers of South Africa

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As healthcare workers we remain on the forefront of fighting the spread of COVID-19 yet are the last to be considered when it comes to our needs that will better equip us for this fight. We refuse to accept that we have to contribute 35% of our hard earned money as means of tax when we did not receive an increment this year. It is even worse that we are not receiving any danger allowance yet are expected to deal with clients who might pose a risk to the health of the workers. Hence we demand danger allowance, PPEs and tax cuts. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Department of Health need to come up with alternative strategies that will not affect one of the majority workforce which is very critical at this stage and needs to be treated as such. As much as we understand the fact that this is a crisis and all hands are needed for assistance, we as health workers feel that more could have been done to consult workers on the readiness of the department, it's short, medium and long term goals in regards to this crisis. 

What must never and can never be tolerated is us being blackmailed in attending a crisis whilst we are ill prepared and few efforts are made to rectify this. 

We simply cannot relying on only getting information you can easily Google by yourself but we need the government to take us seriously and consult us before this lead to an avoidable labour unrest.