Save Your Local Breast Cancer Services - Northern Ireland

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The Proposal to remove Breast Services from Craigavon Hospital and Belfast City Hospital means you will lose access to these vital local services and be forced to travel much further for investigation of any breast problem including breast cancer. These proposed closures will place extra pressure on already extremely busy breast clinics within Altnagelvin, Antrim and Ulster Hospital Dundonald. The current plan is to remove all breast diagnostic outpatient clinics and tests from Craigavon Area Hospital (even though this breast service is achieving all Government targets and provides state of the art cutting edge techniques to improve all aspects of the patient experience). SHSCT Breast Clinic in Craigavon service city and rural populations of over 230,000 people - the largest population outside of Belfast. Many services are unique to Craigavon Hospital. Belfast City Hospital breast clinic is also cutting edge, it has a BRCA specific clinic - the only one in Northern Ireland. It is perfectly positioned beside Queen’s University and is leading the way in Research Trials. Belfast City Hospital is well positioned regarding Transport links.
These closures will affect all Breast Cancer Units and will possibly affect the Physical & Mental health and well-being of our population.

Make your voice count and save your local breast service! Please sign our petition against the closure of the Breast Clinic Assessment Services in both Craigavon Area Hospital and Belfast City Hospital and to keep all current sites open and operational for Breast Assessment Services, Surgeries and all current on-site Treatments. Don’t allow this high-quality service to be removed from your local area. We will be attaching these online signatures, and paper petition results to our Lobby Document as well as to our replies to the Health-NI Consultation and will be presenting our findings to not only the Current Prime Minister & Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, but also the Department of Health Permanent Secretary, Chief Executives for SHSCT and BHSCT, all local Councillors, MLA's and MP's for Northern Ireland as well as Northern Ireland MEP’s. Due to the fact that the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Health has referred to all five Breast Assessment Clinics within Northern Ireland and because we as an organisation support all Breast Cancer Survivors in Northern Ireland we feel it is our responsibility to refer to all five clinics within our lobbying document and respond in kind. We are facilitating the voice of all breast Cancer Survivors and their Carers in Northern Ireland.
We encourage people to not only sign our petition but to please answer the public consultation ( and if you wish to email your personal letters, as service users or carers of service users, please send them to, these will be attached to our Lobby Document.

Our aim is to keep all Breast Assessment Services, Surgeries and treatments as currently located in order to ensure the continuation of current site services for Generations to come (that is Altnagelvin Hospital Breast Cancer Clinic, Antrim Hospital Breast Cancer Clinic, Belfast City Breast Cancer Clinic, Craigavon Area Breast Cancer Clinic and Ulster Hospital Dundonald Breast Cancer Clinic) and, most importantly, to ensure the Physical and Mental health and well-being of our population.
We have been inundated with extremely distressed Service Users and Carers of both Men and Women that do not want to lose their local Breast Clinics or see the closure of any Breast Assessment Services as they feel these closures would have a negative impact on the efficiency and running of the remaining three Clinics due to the fact that there will be over 1000 patients misplaced and arriving on the doorsteps of Antrim & Ulster Hospitals. This figure will increase due to the projected figure of our increasing population.

If you sign this petition you will be signing to prevent the closure of your local Craigavon Area Hospital Breast Services or your local Belfast City Hospital Breast Services or to prevent the closure of both Craigavon Area Hospital and Belfast City Hospital Breast Services. (NB Belfast City Hospital's BRCA Clinic services the whole of Northern Ireland)