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Regulation of Antibiotic Dispensing in the Philippines

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     According to the World Health Organization (2016), antibiotics are drugs used to kill or fight against bacterial infections. However, excessive intake of antibiotics may lead to serious consequences that involve the different organ systems of the body. First of all, it weakens the body's lymphatic (immune) system which is needed to keep us free from disease-causing microorganisms such as virus, bacteria or fungi. Antibiotics do not kill only the bad bacteria, but also the good ones. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), when the immune system is weakened, microorganisms could attack the different parts of the body and we become more prone to illnesses. Moreover, some of the organ systems that would be affected are the urinary, digestive, nervous, circulatory, endocrine and reproductive system.

     According to Filippini, Masiero and Moschetti (2008), the greater use of antibiotics is associated with antibiotic dispensing which is why we appeal for the regulation of antibiotic dispensing in the country. Antibiotics should only be obtained from certified drugstores and with proper prescription to prevent or lessen antibiotic overuse in the country.

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