Free our kids in The Philippines before is too late

Free our kids in The Philippines before is too late

July 5, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Esther Garcés

Minors are forced to remain in their residences at all times in The Philippines since mid of March of 2020.

Since Covid 19 pandemic started putting all people around the world under home isolation, the only country that is still urging their kids stay indoors permanently is The Philippines.

The government discriminate the rights in this pandemic by age.
So now adults can go out, go to the gym, travel, enjoy outdoors with friends but kids are not allowed to do so, even when they are the most needed.

All playgrounds are closed, all schools are closed, they have to study watching a screen for hours and, after that, they are not allowed to share time with other kids. For almost one year and a half!

The consequences are already here, kids have lost their sense of reality, their self-steem is lower than ever, and they change the real world for a virtual world forgetting the beauty of our Mother Earth.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Physically kids have lost all the power of their immune system, without the vitamin D from the sun, without the contact of other viruses and bacteria, their body is no longer able to create the defenses that they need to live in the outside world.

And most scary is the mental illnesses and consequences that they are already developing as anxiety, depression and disrupt sleep to name just some.

We need to help our kids. They are not the future; they are our today responsibility, and we need to protect them.

Of course, to steal their freedom is not what they need to be safe.

They need to live their childhood as children, playing, laughing and getting dirty in the mud. They don´t have to pay for our fears and distrust.

What is the reason to keep our kids indoors and prohibit them to do the things adults can do when is proved that they are not suffering severe symptoms of Covid when they get it and the death rate is very close to 0?

Many studies show that most children do not develop symptoms when infected with the virus, or they develop a very mild form of the disease, so we are not protecting them keeping them indoors forever.

Also, it has been proved that kids are not spreaders of the virus as around the world schools are opened since last September and it´s clear that it didn´t increase the Covid cases in those countries.

Even UNICEF advised to Metro Manila Council that prohibit minors from going outside for a period of two week can be considered an infringement of children’s rights and the consequences of doing it in the physical and mental heath of the kids.

Kids are not responsible for this crisis, but they are paying the worst part of it with their childhood, their freedom, and their future.

Help us to rise our kids voice so our rulers can listen to them and ensure their rights and wellbeing.

Stop discriminate kids in The Philippines!

They should have, at least! the same privileges than adults in this pandemic times.

Kids deserve freedom and respect, let´s give it to them!

Thank you for signing this petition! You are helping our kids, their future and the whole humanity balance.

Together we create the difference.

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Signatures: 4,265Next Goal: 5,000
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