Bria's Band

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My name is Rachael, I am 27 years old and reside in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am petitioning to have 3D and/or 4D ultrasounds implemented in all NS hospitals for medical purposes, hopefully the whole country.

I am petitioning to make it mandatory to have scheduled ultrasounds throughout pregnancy (every 8 weeks ideally until birth) 2D Ultrasounds are obsolete and cannot detect life threatening issues for our unborn children. Current in NS you have a "dating"ultrasound between 5 and 12 weeks and an "anatomy" ultrasound at 21 weeks. This is unacceptable, we have intelligence and technology that tells us more is needed/necessary. Every baby deserves and needs more.

My daughter Bria died at 41 weeks gestation due to amniotic band syndrome, a rare condition but possible nonetheless. I've learned since then numerous babies die needlessly due to conditions that could otherwise be detected through 3D or 4D ultrasound. Access to this at a hospital and 5 minutes out of someone's day and my daughter would be in my arms. I want to see the implementation of these ultrasounds in all hospitals to prevent unnecessary deaths and unnecessary torture to the emotions of the parents of these children.

Myself and my partner are absolutely devastated, tormented and lost everyday since our daughters death. I want to prevent others from having to experience this pain, our children are meant to bury us not the other way around. If a woman can be charged $125+ to have 3D or 4D pictures of her baby at private places than the government can implement this at hospitals for free to ensure the health and survival of our unborn babies. Please sign this petition to ensure this issue is addressed and to prevent devastation of losing a baby which I have learned is the hardest task in life.

I have medical professionals backing me in this proposition and MP Sean Fraser Central Nova has the attention of this issue.

Thank you for reading. Lets implement Bria's Band Regulations. Bless you all. Ox