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Teddy Boy Locsin continues to be an embarrassment for Filipinos everywhere:

  1. Locsin recently spewed out fake news saying that if the Iceland resolution passed, drug cartels will give bonuses to people who worked for it.

    The draft resolution is asking the Philippines to “take all necessary measures to prevent extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances” and to conduct “impartial investigations and to hold perpetrators

  2. The Philippines delegation to the UN led by Undersecretary Severo Catura, under the helm of Locsin, was also criticized for amateur and childish behavior after embarrassingly walking out during an informal session in discussing the resolution. Where is diplomacy?


Teodoro Locsin, Jr., is supposed to be our top diplomat. As the Philippines' representative on the world stage, he has been nothing but an embarrassment for his foul language, crudeness, and arrogance. He has called our duly-elected and deeply-respected Vice-President "boba" (stupid) for warning against the cancellation of diplomatic passports of former Secretaries of Foreign Affairs (SFAs) and retired diplomats. 

As taxpayers who pay his salary, we do not accept the apology he tweeted to the Vice-President. He does not know his law. The Passport Act (RA 8239), passed by Congress, provides that former SFAs and Ambassadors are entitled to diplomatic passports and are imbued with diplomatic status. As former SFA Albert del Rosario said in his statement, the DFA order which will cancel the diplomatic passports of former SFAs and Ambassadors cannot prevail over the Passport Act which is a law passed by Congress.

Teddy Boy, you bring shame to us Filipinos. You dishonor the dedicated men and women in the diplomatic corps who are trying their best to do their work under very difficult circumstance. You do not belong among them . If you have any self-respect left, you should resign immediately.

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