Expedite a visa to reunite a mother with her only family

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Dear friends, 

I am writing to show my support for Karen Firth.  I am appealing to your goodwill and fairness, by way of a letter of support, petitioning for an early reunion with her loved ones here in Australia. My intent is to collect a petition with signatures and forward to the relevant authorities, requesting an early visa into Australia. It has already been a long wait and may take up to another five years before she is granted entry at a great cost, otherwise she’ll have to wait up to 50 years for the ‘Parent Visa’. Karen Firth is mother of David, mother-in-law to my daughter, Sandra and grandmother to Sophia, Adam and Zackary, all of whom reside in Victoria, Australia.

Karen Firth is a UK citizen and resides in Hull City, alone, and with her only family living 17000km away. She has gone to great lengths and expense to spend precious moments with her only family here in Australia. Distance and separation from her loved ones has caused enormous emotional strain in both herself and her family. Therefore, I am petitioning on grounds of humanitarian compassion for a speedy reunion.  

I can personally vouch, without hesitation for Karen Firth, being of outstanding integrity and loving personality; a valuable asset both to her family and this wonderful country of ours.  In the UK, she has demonstrated a great work ethic, a desire to better herself and an eagerness to learn new skills. Karen possesses great adaptivity to new challenges in life, especially her greatest challenge; the separation from her family.  

I appreciate all individuals taking the time to read and consider joining me in my request to reunite Karen Firth with her family in Australia.  I kindly ask of you to sign this petition to expedite her visa and ease her anguish.

Thank you wholeheartedly, 

Carlo D. Diele