Reunite stolen baby to his loving family

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Reunite stolen baby to his loving family

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Shakti Healing started this petition to Gareth Ward (Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services) and


To our wonderful community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the  ongoing support we are receiving from you all. Our beautiful son "Gumnut Baby" (name not disclosed for legal purposes) has been stolen from our arms due to FALSE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION. The process of getting him back is slow and difficult. We need your support to help highlight the injustice of this situation.  

 We are a young family who eat & live an organic lifestyle and love spending our time in nature. Our son is a healthy 8 month old. He is still meant to be breastfed. He spent 9 months inside his mother and the last 8 months of his life sleeping safely in-between his mother and father. He has never been alone and when he wakes up at night his Mumma is always right there with her breast, he never cries and is always smiling and laughing. His mother is his source of security and has been his main source of nourishment.

The acts that were made on the day by the police officers and FACS (Family & Community Services) workers WERE NOT LAWFUL. They were HORRIFIC! Our self control in response to the way they approached us and stole our son on that day was outstanding due the circumstances.

They have made a huge mistake. We need your help as our community to stand with us and get our baby back. Our court hearings have been adjourned twice now. The legal system is letting our family down. Soon it will be two months since we have seen our son. We miss our son.

The foster carer that our son is living with is most likely not caring for our son in the way that we his loving parents do. We value a chemical free life and living our life close to nature. We are healthy people who have chosen healthy values. 

We need YOU to be there to stand with us, not only for our little man but for the stolen generation and all the other children that have been taken from their families.

Please send your love and prayers to our son, he needs it. We don't know when he will return, we pray and hope to be reunited soon.

We are in hope that your donations and the signing of this petition will help us to get him back sooner.

Every loved baby belongs with his parents.

Our social system is supposed to support families to grow and heal. It is NOT meant to tear them apart from one another. It is not supposed to cause unnecessary trauma. 

Thank you everyone for your support and love, we need it during this time.

Thank you TRIBE, ONE LOVE.


Department of Family and community services ; Gareth Ward


Here is documentation, an inquiry on Parliaments website addressing the injustice and erratic actions of the Department of Family and community services. 


The damage this is causing, mothers and children, the generational trauma from the acts of Department of Family and community services can be seen in this study

See video of this baby being violently ripped from his mothers breast as she pleads to take her with him and the heart wrenching screams as he's ripped away from her while being restrained by a male officer.  [trigger warning/graphic]  >>>>> 

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,833 supporters!

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