Save the Industrial Cats & Workers from Coyotes in Astoria

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@Paulthecatguy has worked for 2 years on a project he calls the "Main Industrial Site". It is actually the Department of Environmental Protection at Bowery Bay in Astoria, NY. He has Trapped/Neutered/Returned (TNR) at least 25 adult cats here as well as rescued 7 kittens, another 2 were born in a trap and he raised them with their feral mother for 5 weeks in a crate before adopting out. There is only 1 unfixed male left at the plant, whom he rarely sees. He has seen no new kittens since he took the last ones in April 2015. For the last 1.5 years he has been the main feeder, supplying large amounts of food 3-4 days/week along with a few workers who contribute as well. 

Now because of 8 coyotes coming by, workers are scared as they have surrounded one person, there is also word that a coyote had a live cat in his mouth as he ran towards the bay with him.The workers like the cats and they work by keeping the rodents away. Although there are toxic substances there, the DEP is a place where the cats were never deliberately poisoned and cannot be hit by sppeding cars. They have shelter in the winter with many warm buildings. 

A meeting was held between the workers union and management about the coyotes regarding work safety. The result in a nutshell: the coyotes are not a threat to humans and to haze them away, and no feeding cats, and not allowing Paul to come on the property to feed. Keep in mind, this was initially a paid project where Paul was employed to help manage the colony. 

Two years worth of rescuing, TNRing, and caretaking done just like that. Cats will begin to starve as he hasn't been there for nearly a week now. Besides a few gutsy workers leaving some food, the cats have nothing. And the coyotes are still nearby. Relocation is inevitable but also almost impossible for the cats. Great odds of a cat becoming disoriented and running off, hit by a car in a residential area colony, poisoned by a nasty neighbor. With 25 trap savvy cats, he is unsure how this is going to work out. 

There is no justification that the cats who were birthed at the DEP and have been fixed and vaccinated should have to be eradicated by the coyotes or starved because of the presence of them. While learning to live off of cat-toxic foods, the cats will continue to be prey for 8 coyotes which live inside Astoria city limits, with no wildlife organization doing the right thing and getting the coyotes into a proper habitat. Humanly trapping and relocating these 8 coyotes isn't something that anyone is willing to do, but starving and displacing 25 cats who have been there for years is the solution. The DEC (Conservation) keeps saying they are protected wildlife, and are okay with them rummaging through Rikers Island, Elmjack ballfields, LaGuardia Airport employee parking lot, the DEP, and other industrial business on 45th Street and 43rd Street. They are starving cats in hopes all of the cats and coyotes leave. The cats were birthed there and have controlled the rodent infestation near the water for years.

We emplore you to call the following list and please reference DEP Bowery Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, 4301 Berrian Blvd., Astoria, NY 11105

Mayor's Office - Bill de Blasio, Mayor/ Marco Carrion, Director of Community Affairs: 212-788-3000

Pam Eladro, DEP Deputy Commissioner of the Buearu of Waterwaste Treatment: 718-595-4924

Vincent Sapienza, DEP Acting Commissioner: 718-595-6565

Michael Gianaris, State Senator (Astoria): 718-728-0960

Tony Avella, State Senator: 718-357-3140

Assemblyman Simotas (Bowery Bay area): 718-545-3889


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