STOP illegal dumping and open burning beside our school, TISPC !!!

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This matter of illegal dumping and opening burning have been on going multiple MULTIPLE TIMES for the PAST FEW YEARS. Despite numerous complains by the school and parents in the past, lack of action from the authority has caused this irresponsible and illegal act to continue and caused us:-

Our children’s, teachers’ and parents’ and nearby residents' HEALTH. The wind has been blowing the strong chemical smelling smoke towards the school for the last 3 days affecting the air quality in the classrooms, offices and the whole school environment. Children and teachers had to wear masks and some were complaining of watery eyes, coughing and other respiratory discomfort especially to those who has has asthma . Bad air quality will definitely affect our respiratory health not to mention exposure to damaging free radicals which can cause cancer and other illnesses.
Disruption in LEARNING and teaching as the air quality reached concerning levels yesterday and thus forced the school to CLOSE and parents were asked to fetch the kids home as of yesterday. Air quality has not improved as the burning continues and school announced it is closed today as well.
Parents work schedules are disrupted as well as extra arrangements have to be made on ad hoc basis to care for their children at home or day care, whatever the case may be. Not to mention the financial loss and unnecessary additional costs for the school as well as parents.

Our children spend 8 to 9 hours a day at the school. They deserve a safe and healthy environment. And as parents, we need assurance that they get that.

We truly hope that the Council and the YBs will act and put this health, environment and economic hazard to a stop IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you.