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Stop Wrapping Each Female Tampon in Non-Biodegradable Plastic

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Dear ladies (and gentlemen),

All of us want to do the right thing by our environment yet it is not always easy to live in an environmentally friendly way. Excess packaging is a problem for most everyday products we get access to in supermarkets, high street shops and pharmacies. Cutting down on our personal waste is easy when we stop buying products we can do without (like snacks on the go wrapped in foil or plastic). But how can we avoid waste resulting from products we really need?

Females need hygiene products on monthly basis. The reality of life is that these products are often an unplanned purchase - this is why they are readily available 24/7 at all mainstream shops, gas stations, newsagents and vending machines. When we need them urgently we don't have the time to shop around on the Internet or seek out alternative specialist stores.

Every mainstream brand uses plastic either in the composition, individual wrapper or outer packaging of each product. There are no mainstream female hygiene products in Australia which are fully biodegradable.

According to O.b. tampons, a woman uses 10,000 tampons in her lifetime.

Thankfully there already are brands which produce 100% biodegradable tampons which are flushable. Unfortunately the majority of mainstream tampons are neither biodegradable, nor flushable.

Universally, however, tampons are individually wrapped in plastic. This means that for every single of these 10,000 tampons per female, there are hundreds of kilos of plastic waste which ends in landfill, pollutes our environment and ends up in our waterways and eventually in our own bodies as toxic waste.

At present there are NO options to buy fully biodegradable tampons - each and every one of them is wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic. Women in Australia have no choice but to add to the overwhelming amount of unnecessary waste driven by consumer products.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an alternative?

There are a number of biodegradable shrink-wrap options, however, there is no pressure from the regulators, so businesses simply adopt the cheapest and easiest option - plastic.

If you are passionate about creating change and cutting down on your waste, this is what you can do.

  1. Sign this petition to show the Australian Government that they need to take action and regulate the packaging of female hygiene products. 
  2. By doing so you will influence tampon manufacturers to seek alternative packaging.
  3. Share this petition with your social networks and urge them to sign. Remember, all of us want to do the right thing. Be the change!

Thank you for your support! Your vote matters.

Iva Halacheva

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