Petition to avoid building infrastructure near bodies of water

Petition to avoid building infrastructure near bodies of water

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Sophia Nuñez started this petition to Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Petition to avoid building of infrastructure near bodies of water. This kind of situation is used for business purposes and most especially to attract many tourists. Having infrastructure near bodies of water really give many benefit like the stores are closer where they can buy food, souvenirs, and many more. Moreover, it would be easier to buy different necessities; But as technology evolved this become a factor to be a hindrance to maintain and preserve the beauty of the nature like what happened to Boracay, Philippines where it decided to close for a while because it became a threat for having a lot of trashes that people tend to throw anywhere without thinking the consequences of their actions, that some of it mixed with the water and cause pollution, harm the aquatic animals creating a vast problem with no accurate solution has given.


Building infrastructure near bodies of water is very common nowadays you can see it from different beaches as a way of tourism also it is a great way to grow the economic rate of a country. But even before a study by Kristina Hill stated that “Introducing artificial structures dating back to at least 2580 BCE, on the shores of the Red Sea in modern Egypt and the first coastal structures that appear in the archaeological record was rock breakwaters, built to protect harbor entrances from wave energy." Now, that innovation is everywhere it is more frequent that we see this infrastructure near bodies of water not just in the Philippines but different part of the world.


The consequences of this situation are the following:
>The availability of infrastructures near bodies of water is a major factor in polluting the oceans and seas.
>The garbage particularly the plastics affect the aquatic animals in a way that some of them thought it's a food, trapped in plastic containers, straw stacked on turtle's nose, and many situations that are much worse.
>Other parts of the environment needed to destroy in order to build infrastructures for the benefit of the people.
>Destruction of the environment

PHILOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT: (Environmental Justice)

The government has the power to enact laws in protecting our environment, they must be the one who leads different programs and advocacy to maintain the beauty of the nature. Furthermore, they have the budget to cultivate it in the right way and act according to their job. Learn to prioritize its condition because environment is one of things in this world that is hard to restore.

>Every organism will benefit from this action
>The marine life will be safe
>Prohibit the extinction of animals
>Healthy environment
>Create a better place to live in


Regarding the problem the best way to solve this is to make waste disposal a big deal in a way that everybody should be aware of the possible consequences of their actions. Moreover, the government should not only focus on the growth of our tourism and economic rate, but also being aware of the happenings in the marine environment regarding its state. In addition, having a monthly inspection is a great way to monitor the situation of our oceans and seas if it's still in a good condition. Most especially, try to avoid building too much infrastructure near bodies of water because too much is dangerous and analyzing if building that certain facilities will benefit everyone or it will trigger a bigger problem.


A quote by Sylvia Earle “No water, No life. No blue, No green.” is the best way to imagine our world without water it's plain, no marine life is present and eventually our environment will die and all of us will be affected because of the wrong actions that we made. But best way to prevent this from happening is start the change within yourself, being smart and wise is the key to stop this kind of situation and as caretakers of the environment it's our duty to protect it.



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