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Why schools are cutting music programs, and why we need to save them.

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Music has been a crucial part of culture since the beginning of time. However, recently we have see a decline in the number of music departments at schools. Schools are receiving less funding, and in order to keep "crucial" programs and pay employees, the funds for music programs within the school are being cut drastically. As a result, many schools nation wide are loosing their music departments. While music seems like an easy, unimportant subject that can easily be cut, many don't seem to realize the importance of this subject. Studies have shown that students who play a musical instrument perform better in all other core subjects, as well as having better creativity, problem solving, and social skills. Music can help students express emotion and release stress. Schools districts need to stop cutting back funds for music programs, and they need to stop cutting these programs all together. Music is extremely important in culture, social settings, the community, and education. It is necessary that schools begin to teach music as a required subject in order to preserve its wonderful beauty and so that it may be enjoyed for many more years to come.

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