Recognize Jews as a minority on college campuses and put an end to hate crimes

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Hate crimes against Jewish people on school campuses have risen 106% so far this year alone and have shown consistent growth over the last decade. Students have been beaten, threatened, Nazi propaganda graphiti painted on the walls and prevented from hosting peaceful events. Jewish people only make up 2% of the US population but people forget what a small minority they are because of popular conspiracy theories, Hollywood portrayals and a few bad apples in the media. For comparison, black people make up 12% of the population. Much of the anger stems from anti-Israel sentiments which should be regarded as an entirely separate issue. The safety of your Jewish dorm mate should not be contingent on whether you support Israel.

The truth is that Jews are the minority of minorities and have been abused repeatedly throughout history often times serving as the canary in the coal mines prior to a much greater genocide. Let's all stand together to put an end to these hate crimes and recognize Jewish people in the same coalitions that we use to protect other minorities. This petition serves as notice to the education world that Jewish people deserve the same rights as everyone else.

We are an organization that is seeking to end inequality through partnering with many excellent programs to provide jobs and other resources needed by those who have suffered at the hands of injustice. You can help us tackle this difficult social issue by signing this petition and showing that there is momentum behind this ideal. We will use this momentum to work with out partner institutions to create a safer environment on campuses for everyone.