Raise your voice against IGNOU's fraud, misbehavior and irresponsibility .

Raise your voice against IGNOU's fraud, misbehavior and irresponsibility .

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Respected,  Ministry of Human Resource Development,

I am writing this letter to bring your attention on something that I believe is unfair and requires attention. I am a student of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Like me, almost every student of this university is suffering from University's misbehavior, irresponsibility and fraud. these are some points to be changed:

1. There are separate contact number and email addresses for each department, but non of them are responding. They never reply or pick up calls if we need any help, in-spite of sitting next to their landline phone and computer.

2. Anyhow, if we decide to go to regional center or head quarter, they misbehave with us, don't even try to talk to us and solve our query. Everything we have to do by ourselves online only. University staffs are appointed to help us but they don't perform their given duty and receives their salary for doing nothing.

3. Exams papers are not even opened, they just put anonymous marks on the first page of our answer sheet. This act of irresponsibility and ignorance are totally unfair for the students. They are playing with our future.

4. Hall tickets are never delivered at time. It will always arrive after exam and sometime hall tickets don't even delivered to the students. When we pay our course fees and exam fees on time then why we never get our hall tickets on time ?

5. Study materials are always misplaced. They don't provide us right study material at first time. we always have to lodge complaint of missing study material, only after a long struggle we manage to get study materials. This is truly harassment for students.

6. Too late declaration of term end exam result. Almost every University have declared their exam result. Only IGNOU taking too long to declare term end Exam result. This is very harmful for our further plan. Students are not able to apply for further courses and have to drop 1year for next session application and neither able to apply for any jobs. On October 30th, 2017, IGNOU still not declare many courses exam result yet. While its written in their prospectus book that TEE result will be declared within 45 days of examination.

7. They don't even open the answer sheet. There are no evaluator's  signature or name on the answer sheet. They put random marks on answer sheet and declare result. Students have to submit re-evaluation form cost rupees 750/-rs per paper (highest fees compare to other universities). This is a ridiculous irresponsibility towards their duty and for our future.

       We want you to focus on these 7 points kindly and bring change in them. IGNOU is one of the top University in India but the misbehavior, fraud and irresponsibility of its staff and faculty members ruining its image. Here is this petition to bring change in this unjust. Please sign and share away. Raise your voice against this unjust. 

Thank you for considering this appeal.


Suman Sharma