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Put Christ Back in Schools!

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Salutations, everyone!

I am proud to be an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian! Many people in the world should hear the gospel and plan of salvation that Jesus gives us. In Matthew 24:6, according to the Bible it states, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." This can start in schools. Think about this world today. The people of America is trying to take Jesus out of everything. Some want to take God out of the pledge of Allegiance and currency, but this country was built on Christian foundations. Nowadays, many Christian students are being challenged with their faith both out and in schools. We are getting in trouble for praying and talking to others about Jesus in classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias, but I will not shut my mouth! I know that everyone has different beliefs and practice different religions, but when I was in sixth grade, I learned about the world's most practiced five religions. Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam in that order. The only problem was that Christianity was the only religion that we learned that was so brief and short. We were not taught in our schools about Jesus resurrecting from the dead and the promise of the Holy Ghost.  The text book only mentioned Catholicism and and East Orthodox Christianity (only mentioning where it started) but what about the other forms of Christianity? And then, Islam was the longest unit. I'm not pointing fingers or meaning to be disrespectful, but there were two chapters while Judaism and Christianity were the shortest and had one. It seems to me that something suspicious is going on. My teacher was even saying that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believed in the same God. I strongly disbelief. I do believe in the one true God that the Jews believe in, but I also believe that He is the messiah, Jesus. I'm just saying that there's something fishy going on here. What about learning how America's first religion practiced here was Christianity? The pilgrims came to America to practice their faith in God freely. We have freedom of religion in this country. We've been taught that all our lives and it's written in the Bill of Rights. So why are Christians getting in trouble and told to be quiet for speaking out their faith to others? We all have the freedom to practice our religion publicly or privately and the right to pray. We're not trying to disrespect anyone and definitely not trying to get in trouble. We're just trying to win souls before Jesus comes back. America mustn't backslid from our faith in God because He's the one who's been our alley all this time! 

In addition, I hope that anyone who reads this will keep this in mind. Whether you believe in Christ Jesus or not, think about our freedom of religion. That's what I'm fighting for. Thanks for reading!


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