Prevent the passing of the Education Legislation Amendment Bill in NSW.

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Mark Latham has proposed an Education Legislation Amendment Bill for NSW prohibiting schools from teaching that trans or gender diverse people exist and should be treated with respect, prohibiting school counsellors from affirming a trans or gender diverse student or providing them with any support or referrals and putting teachers at risk of losing their job when they support a trans or gender diverse student.

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Please sign this petition. This cannot be passed. It is wrong, unfair and it is discrimination. It prevents a developing human from being able to truly realise their full potential and their true selves because of ignorant and uneducated people in power. We are a progressive society and we welcome all kinds of gender identity and sexualities and this should be celebrated, not hidden in the closet anymore, especially in such a safe and accepting space where children spend most of their developing years. A school should be welcoming, supportive and encouraging of all kinds of gender identity and sexuality not frowned upon or ignored.