Petition to show support for #letstalklatinx campaign

Petition to show support for #letstalklatinx campaign

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#letstalklatinx started this petition to Department of Education and

Hi everyone, in order for the #letstalklatinx campaign to gain more influence we've created this petition as a way to show that we have strong support from the public. Our campaign aims to diminish the invisibility of our ethnic category by improving the representation of the Latinx community here in the UK. After examining the major issues that the Latinx community faces in the UK we have come up with 5 key aims that we think would most benefit our community.

Key Aims: 

1- Push for the recognition of our ethnic category 

 The campaign aims to reverse the invisibility of Latin Americans in the U.K in terms of the absence of the ethnic category which can be solved by giving complete recognition to the fastest growing ethnicity in London right now which is ‘Latin Americans’

2-  To create youth clubs for the Latinx community as this would encourage others to come together, through Latinx events, in order to unite the Latinx community 

The campaign aims to breakthrough stereotypes by promoting the youth culture from Latin America, through youth clubs and Latinx events as a way of integrating Latin American culture in the U.K

3-  To increase the accessibility of English lessons for Spanish speakers/other ethnic groups to help them integrate into British society

Spanish/English assistance for government letters/education for children (applicable to all ethnic categories)

The campaign aims to improve the number of facilities available to Latin Americans in the U.K to assist them in education and employment to lead to more opportunities.

4-  To increase Latinx representation in education in terms of history/PSHE

The campaign aims to encourage the implementation of Latin American history into the curriculum to allow us to feel seen and heard.

5- a push for more studies/data to be gathered on the Latinx community

It's essential for us as a community to come together and fight for our voices to be heard, to feel represented but most importantly for our ethnic category to be formally recognised. Please do sign this petition, it's time for us to no longer be known as the 'invisible community in the UK!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!