Mr Andrew Doyle to be reinstated as Principal at Marton Public School

Mr Andrew Doyle to be reinstated as Principal at Marton Public School

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Marton Action Group started this petition to NSW Department of Education Australia (Secretary, Department of Education NSW)

Mr. Andrew Doyle, a much loved and respected Principal of Marton Public School Engadine, for the past 3 1/2 years, was recently demoted from his position for what we (parents, carers, and community of Marton) believe were incredibly trivial clerical errors. Each one of these accusations could have easily been rectified.  At NO point did any of Mr. Doyle’s actions create a dangerous or unlawful condition to either the school or the children at the school.

He is charged with;

  • an 'alleged' conflict of interest regarding a contractor who put in the air conditioners at Marton to keep our children cool in summer and warm in winter.  
  • a clerical mistake where the school hall that was used by an external company after hours did not have the updated form completed
  • another clerical mistake that happened at another school regarding international students that occurred prior to him even starting at that school
  • an issue regarding clean fill that was used to improve the emergency access for emergency vehicles to gain access to the school.  This occurred over 3 1/2 years ago at another school.

Mr. Doyle, who is an exceedingly popular Principal in the community, loved by students, parents, guardians and grandparents alike, was secretly investigated during the Christmas holiday period.  Once the investigation was complete, as a final indignity, Mr. Doyle was then escorted the whole time he was on the school premises to collect his belongings from his Principal's office like a common criminal. This was deliberately done at 4.30pm so that the school would be empty.  This is an appalling way to treat a well loved Principal.

He was not allowed the opportunity to say goodbye to the children and their families who he cares so much for, and who have cared for him throughout his time as Principal of the school.

Andrew Doyle would put everything into caring about the children at his school and he cared for them as though they were his own.  He knew them all by name and would often play handball with them before school and after school whilst they waited for their bus which he would then walk them to the bus and ensure they all got on safely.  This was a highlight for many of the children. The children loved telling him about their weekend, what they got up to inside and outside of school, their pets and anything that was important to the child. Mr Doyle would always listen and acknowledge them and never brush them off.

Marton Public School has discos for the children that are always great fun.  One of the main highlights of our discos that the kids always looked forward to was 'DJ Doyle'.  The children could not wait to see what costume Mr Doyle was dressed in and what cool music he was going to play for them.

Since the employment of Andrew Doyle at Marton Public School, the academic achievements of the school have increased significantly. Exam results have improved, children have been recognised for their hard work and results in ICAS exams and our Senior Girls Debating Team finished in the top 5% of NSW in 2020.

Mr Doyle is a rare find and is exactly what an exceptional Principal should be.  He has successfully navigated the line between being friendly and maintaining a professional relationship with the community.  

The Department of Education is an organisation that we are meant to trust to make the best decisions for our children and their futures and this time they got it absolutely and tragically wrong!

We demand that Mr. Doyle’s case be reviewed again and that the petty reasons for his departure as our Principal be thoroughly investigated.  If it is found that disciplinary action is warranted, then a more appropriate one than removal from Marton Public School should be found.  This could be further training, which is outlined in the Department of Education's own 'Code of Conduct'.

We as parents, are all very concerned as to how our children are taking the news of Mr Doyle's sudden and unexplained removal as the children have not been told anything as to why their beloved Principal is no longer at school. This has left some children very upset and in tears.

As a community, we tell our children that it is ok to make mistakes, we all make them, it is how we learn.  What they are learning from this is if you make a mistake, you are sacked and removed with no explanation.  As one of our student's said 'Mum, he just made a mistake, we all make them'.

What sort of example is the Department of Education setting for our children when they remove their Principal in such a disgusting manner? Everyone wants their children to grow up safe in the knowledge that hard work will be rewarded, and you can count on people to have your back if you make a mistake and need some help to improve.

We as the parents and community of Marton Public School are asking for your support for Mr Andrew Doyle.  We are DEMANDING that the Department of Education reinvestigate this matter by another investigative team.

By doing this we are showing our children, who are our future, that an unfair injustice will not be taken lightly and is therefore something worth fighting for!

Thank you for your support! It means so much to our children and our community.

2,715 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!