Lower SDSU Cost of Basic Tuition and Fees Due to COVID-19 and Transition to Online Classes

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On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, San Diego State University sent an email to its students and their parents regarding the school’s plans of transitioning the majority of classes to an online platform for the upcoming Fall 2020 Semester.

The school also plans to raise tuition for students because of the school’s work on new projects. Below is a list of the following projects students are paying for:

  • Aztec Recreation Center (ARC)
  • Design of the Parking Lot Structure for Building A
  • Design of and Modifications of the College of Sciences
  • Don Powell and Second Stage Improvements
  • Door and Window Replacements in Chapultepec
  • KPBS Expansion and Renovation Project
  • Love Library Improvements
  • Professional Studies and Fine Arts Maintenance
  • First Phase of the Steam to Heating Hot Water System Conversion

On top of these projects, which students may not get to experience themselves, the school also charges students with additional fees on top of their basic tuition. Per fall/spring semester, basic tuition for a full-time undergraduate student is $2,871 without fees. With fees, it amounts to $3,860 per semester. 

The following is a breakdown of the additional fees students are paying for:

  • Student Body Association Fee: $35 (MC), $65 (IVC)
  • Student Body Center Fee: $237 (MC), $24 (IVC)
  •  Health Facility Fee: $25 (MC), $3 (IVC)
  • Health & Wellness Fee: $205 (MC), $10 (IVC)
  • Instructionally Related Activity Fee: $244 (MC), $15 (IVC)
  • Library Service Fee: $25 (MC)
  • Student Success Fee: $218 (MC) 

* MC=Main Campus, IVC= Imperial Valley Campus

Although the Student Body Center Fee and the Health Center Fee are required for the construction of some of the school’s projects, the rest of the fees should be waived. 

The Student Body Association Fee, Health & Wellness Fee, Instructionally Related Activity Fee, Library Service Fee, and Student Success Fee support activities and services on campus. These activities cannot occur because of the transition to online classes due to the coronavirus. Although 90% of the student success fee is for the hiring of additional tenure-track faculty, 10% goes towards funds for enhancing student success through expanded academic related programs. Therefore, 10% of this fee should be waived. 

After the adjustment of fees, the new total for basic tuition and fees per semester should be reduced from $3,860 to $3,329.20. This will save students $1,061.60 per school year. 

This reduction in basic tuition and fees is only fair to students because students are missing out on the full college experience. Students chose to go to SDSU based on student life, extracurricular activities, and a hands on experience. Based on the given circumstances, it is unreasonable to pay fees that are not fulfilling our expectations. While waiving additional fees may be detrimental to the university's budget, please consider additional options that may aid students during this online transition. Keep in mind that students are already facing financial difficulties during this time. Thank you. 

Below is a link to information about SDSU’s basic tuition and fees: