Keep the Thorpdale Kindergarten in Thorpdale

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It has been proposed by the Thorpdale and District Kindergarten's facilitator the YMCA that the kindergarten be re-located to the previous site of Trafalgar's Kindergarten (Contingent Stree) effective as of Term 4, 2020. 

This decision has been done with NO community or kinder families consultation, with one days notice of the last kinder session.

Maintenance issues exist at the current kinder building (the Thorpdale Hall) but are in NO way a danger to child health and safety. The kinder Parent Advisory Group along with the Hall Committee are in favour of helping and working with the YMCA to amend any maintenance issues which are preventing our kinder program from remaining at the Thorpdale Hall. 

If this is not an option we STRONGLY believe that our children need to have access to a kindergarten program within their community. This may be available by utilising facilities at the nearby Thorpdale Primary School, who are willing to assist us in this endeavour.

Our small, rural town needs a kindergarten - no question. Enrolments fluctuate year to year, but often the kindergarten is servicing 20 families within the Thorpdale, Mirboo North, Yinnar, Trafalgar and surrounding areas. No kindergarten service in Thorpdale will have a huge impact on our community, the flow-on effects will be felt for years at the school, sporting clubs, Scouts, other community groups and other generations.

We pride ourselves on being a safe, warm, inviting and community minded kindergarten. We have children coming to Thorpdale from Trafalgar for our green learning spaces and family-friendly session times. We fear that by re-locating (even 'temporarily' with views 'to look at' returning to Thorpdale) to Trafalgar will mean we won't be getting our kindergarten back EVER, and we will be absorbed into the new Trafalgar bigger kindergarten. This cannot happen.

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