Improve LEARNING RESOURCES for MAPEH K-12 Curriculum

Improve LEARNING RESOURCES for MAPEH K-12 Curriculum

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Elia Maria Norelle Ilano started this petition to Office of the Director (BLR-OD) Kagawaran ng Edukasyon and

MAPEH, considered as a MINOR subject in the current K-12 Curriculum, should have more emphasis and importance to make it more interactive, more creative and more attractive to the learners. Modules and learning materials as of the moment, does not give justice to the importance of MAPEH to a learner's well being. Our current curriculum for Home Learning or Module-based learning due to the Pandemic does not have any helpful content.

Lack of funding to provide the best way to teach MAPEH in our current curriculum is evident. As we all know, there are lack of equipment at schools to properly teach MAPEH as a subject. Therefore, stragglers for the said subject is high. On top of that, current modules are hard to comprehend without proper examples, videos, photos and the likes. MAPEH modules should be solid and comprehensible therefore DepEd should revamp our current MAPEH curriculum.

Help me to make this happen! As per an online article, "MAPEH teaches self-management skills and motor skills that can be used to plan for and perform life-long physical activity. MAPEH, more importantly, contributes to cognitive function and improved test scores in math, language arts and other academic subjects."

MAPEH solutions:

- Offer MAPEH teachers training on the following competencies: playing or using
musical instruments; advanced technology for teaching art and its complexities; coaching/facilitating games and sports both traditional and non-traditional; teaching
different dances (in Philippines and in Asia as Asia is part of the curriculum)

- For every public school, like Computer rooms for Computer subject, there should be a MAPEH room where all MAPEH equipment will be visible, stored and used by students as these are stated in the current curriculum guide of DepEd but does not have any actual equipment on the schools and are currently provided or bought by students that is costly for some and cannot be afforded by most of the students:
Actual musical instruments like Piano or Organ, Guitars, Ukulele
Art materials like paint, clays, cardboard, rulers, protractors, cross-stitching materials, beads and fabrics
Basic physical education equipment like ribbon, hoop, balls, or any indigenous or improvised materials, materials for fold dances like maglalatik and tinikling, then Badminton rackets, Arnis, table tennis and kata

- For Online classes, modules should contain video links of actual lessons to easily guide them with how it is done, where to do it, why do they need to do it. Not everyone has guitars or pianos at home, therefore, DepEd should provide resources where agents can acquire these knowledge rather than reading only.


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