Grade 12s syllabus should be reduced due to this global pandemic

Grade 12s syllabus should be reduced due to this global pandemic

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Class of 2020 are under enormous pressure due to this global pandemic.

We lost 2 months of school days yet we are expected to be tested on the full curriculum,considering the short period of time to prepare this is a huge disadvantage to the class of  2020 and to add to that they will have little to no holiday, this will negatively impact the well-being of learners. Not only are learners put under pressure but teachers as well.

Realistically this will impact the final results of matriculants and because of this many learners won't be accepted at their desired university which in turn will add on to the unemployment rate in future. Unlike other matriculants of the past they cannot write under the same conditions yet they are expected to complete an examination which was set up last year prior to Covid 19!  They are faced with new challenges which calls for new measures and strategies to be put in place specifically for class of 2020 but this is totally disregarded.

As a matriculant myself I think it's totally unfair and unfortunate that we are put in this predicament. The syllabus should be reduced! We cannot complete three terms work within 5 months. The syllabus should be reduced according to the amount of time left and the best interests of learners.

Please sign this petition. Let's stand together and make a change for the class of 2020.