Create mandatory BAME (Black and Ethinic Minorities) studies in schools

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Black and people of ethnic minority for years have been ignored and treated secondary to people of European decent. Our history is told only after slavery and our kids are therefore taught of us as being people of misfortune, people of poverty, weak minded as well as dangerous. This needs to change. And we can change it by stopping this ideology being passed onto the next generation. We would like our children to read about BAME authors, BAME history not just Egyptians, BAME cultures and practices as well as BAME languages just as we are taught the same with European culture. We want future generations to live in a better, equal and safe world. One way to do that is through education

Example of things we need changing;

The portrayal of the Egyptians and being white

Books like the tempest and of mice and men with racial themes

The representation of Africa PRE slavery