Comprehensive sex education is a basic human right that ALL students deserve to learn

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High schools that do not get government funding for example, private and religion based high schools, do not need to teach any type of sex education, along with many other public schools throughout the country. Most of the time if they do teach any type of sex education it is fear based/abstinence only. The problem with this type of teaching is that it often times does not stop the act of sexual practices at all, yet leads to young people being misinformed and unprepared when they are going to do these sexual acts. This is harmful and only spreads STD's as well as unwanted pregnancy. Being taught the basic knowledge of our human bodies and how they work, as well as the diseases, and how to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancy is a basic human right in which every young adult deserves to be taught. As of April 1st 2018 only "24 states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education... 34 states and the District of Columbia mandate HIV education; of these states, 12 mandate only HIV education." It is essential to know that these statistics also only apply to public schools in these states, and that private schools throughout the country don't have regulated sex education.
In order for our youth to be empowered and educated they need to be taught comprehensive sex education and be prepared for anything that life may throw their way. We must make comprehensive sex education mandatory in all states, and all schools. We must have a set curriculum and monitor what is taught, so students are not receiving misinformation! Please sign my petition and help empower our youth!