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To, 17.04.2019

The Hon’ble Dy. C.M. & Education Minister - GNCTD

Delhi Secretariat, Delhi

Unprecedented & Exorbitant Fee Hike by Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka


Most respectfully submitted:

1. That, under-signed are the parents of children studying in Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka who are aggrieved due to the exorbitant and unprecedented fee hike by the above named school which has been allotted land by D.D.A on subsidized rates for the purpose of imparting education to the middle and lower class students at affordable rates, however, the arbitrary practice of fee-hike adopted by the managing committee of the above named school and lackadaisical approach by the DoE officials to overlook such practices, has forfeited the entire purpose of setting-up the school on Government allotted land as the school has turned education into a profitable business venture with utter disregard and empathy to the parents of the children who are already burdened with exorbitant fee that the school has been charging from them.

2. That, in gross violation of the provisions laid down under ‘The Delhi School Education Act and Rules 1973’ the above named School, since 2011, has been arbitrarily, unjustifiably and unreasonably increasing the School Fee across all classes without any plausible cause and without maintaining any transparency. When confronted by the parents, the School Management deliberately failed to provide any credible justification to defend the fee hike and bluntly refused to roll back the hike - which was already the highest fee among all the schools in Dwarka and among the most expensive schools in Delhi – leaving the parents in shocked and surprised by such indifference shown to the parents.

On the contrary and in utter disregard to the parents’ plights, the school has asked the parents to withdraw their child if the fee was found to be high and nonaffordable but the school shall continue to increase fee. The parents have also been informed and asked to be prepared for three more hikes in future, which are contemplated after the applications for fee-hike moved by the school and pending before DoE, are approved for increase in fee for financial years 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 in addition to the fourth hike on account of 7th pay commission which shall be implemented after the outcome of the matter which is presently sub judice in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

Thus, the burden of four further fee hikes shall be imposed upon the parents in the forthcoming months, which has been clearly informed to the parents by the managing committee of the school. And in all probability, we apprehend, the managing committee shall succeed as they did in the past owing to which it shall become impossible for us to continue sending our children to this school as we are already over-burdened due to the exorbitant fee the school is charging from us. For your ready reference, the fee structure among different classes has been attached and marked as Annexure-A/1 (collectively), wherein, the fee in 2017, 2018 & 2019 has been reflected along with percentage increase in three years which is self explanatory as to how the above named school has turned education into a profitable business venture to the detriment of the parents. Further, a copy of the circular dated 11th April 2019 issued by school, reflecting the recent fee hike for the financial year 2017-18 demanding huge arrears from parents to the tune of Rs. 20,000 - 25,000/- per year, across different classes, has also been attached for ready-reference and marked as Annexure-A/2.

3. That, due to lack of transparency, the parents are apprehensive that the school audits are also manipulated and managed in collusion with the DoE officials and the same are not true reflection of the income and expenditure of the school. Furthermore, the so-called approvals from DoE, have been obtained wrongfully and unlawfully by way of manipulating the books of accounts. Moreover, the school does not share any approval(s) with parents and interprets the way it suits the managing committee in furtherance of their objective. It may also be pertinent to mention here that the school is run by a trust called ‘Nirmal Chhaya Trust’ among whose trustees are the promoter directors of India Glycol Company Ltd. which is a company made for profit.

4. That, in addition to the above, the parent representation in the managing committee is not given any ear and the managing committee is adamant in going ahead with fee-hike without any regard to the parents’ grievances. When requested to share the DoE approval to increase fee for FY 2017-18, the managing committee bluntly refused to part with any such information thus leaving the parents aggrieved and on their own, which is not only arbitrary but also shows lack of transparency on the part of managing committee of the school.


In the light of above facts and circumstances, it is most humbly requested to kindly pass necessary directions to the concerned DoE officials to:

1. conduct extensive and thorough audit of the books of accounts of Nirmal Bhartia School for the period 2011-2019 by engaging a reputed and independent Accountancy firm such as KPMG, PWC, McKinsey etc. and also direct the concerned DoE officials to pass a fresh order to withdraw the fee-hike approval granted to the school till the outcome of audit;

2. provide certified copies of all the approvals of fee-hike given by DoE to the school since 2011 till date;

3. take over the school management as per the provisions laid down under The Delhi School Education Act and Rules 1973 and appoint an Administrator till such time the above-said audit is not completed as a fair audit shall be conducted when the existing managing committee has no interference in the auditing of books of accounts which can only be possible when an Administrator is in-charge of affairs;

4. make necessary amendments in the DSE Act & Rules to put a ceiling on fee and to curb the arbitrary acts & omissions by private unaided recognized schools in Delhi;

5. take any such further action as deemed appropriate in the interest of the aggrieved parents as per the law in force for the time being.

Signatures of Aggrieved Parents


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