Change the restrictions on prom dress codes for Kauai High School

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Dear Mrs. Kane and the rest of faculty, 

   We believe as students of Kauai High, these absurd regulations on what we get to wear need to change into a more realistic dress code. These many restrictions on our prom dress are discriminating and insulting to girls due to the number of restrictions put on this and making it even a discouraging time when it should be exciting to find a prom dress when it is so little we can wear. when it is already difficult to find the prom dress we want and in our price range, but these restrictions make it even harder for us. 

The prom dress code for Kauai High is heard as this:

The slit on the dress may not expose the upper thighs

Backless dresses may not fall below mid back ( under bra strap)

May not have off shoulder dresses showing cleavage

Cannot show any "excessive" cleavage 

Dresses may not show a bare midriff or contain cutouts which expose any bare skin

   This dress code with this big of restrictions has created a commotion from the students of our school and also the teachers and parents. The facts are this is 2018, where we are told to be confident in our body, but then you create these restrictions that discriminate us and hypersexualize us to the point that we cannot feel comfortable without the assumption that we are being "provocative". This dress code fits more of highly conservative standards than a school dress code.

   We are not asking for the dress code to be fully abolished, but just modifications. A prom dress does not have any negative impacts on the school and Kauai High School is the only school on Kauai with this many absurd restrictions. Kauai High School has had a function on their property that does not apply to the standards put on to this Prom and we ask you to modify rules that we will ask you when we set a more proper guideline to our attire for Prom dresses. We also feel that this is discriminating against us when the male of our school has only 1 to 2 regulations, and that is to not take your shirt off. 

   We ask you to please read this and hear our voice, as we try to make a change in something that should not have been done in the first place, and trust our judgment in representing ourselves and this school. 


Students, Parents, and Teachers of Hawaii