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Hello! Today I went to the Urrbrae Agricultural High School/Education Centre (15 mins from the CBD) and checked out the pig shed.

Upon entering each individual was in fear, scared of more humans.
Pigs are extremely smart creatures and within seconds realised we were here to try and give them some love. We pet them and as we did more mumma pigs (sow's) tried to stand up to say hello but struggled terribly due to the concrete and metal on the floors that they live their lives on (oh and the lack of muscle strength due to being kept like this).

This is a high school! Kids are being taught that this is normal!! Do they teach kids that pigs live in mud or concrete and metal? Since when was making this shed easier and cheaper than putting some fencing on some dirt and letting them create mud? Why can't they live in a better environment and feel mud between their trotters?! Or be naturally cooled down by the mud and water (it was bloody hot in there and I can't imagine what it'll be like tomorrow, no fans at all).

I'm appalled because I thought at the very least Urrbrae would be teaching kids about small scale free range, sustainable farming. I went there for multiple years and didn't know this was happening, if I went there now there would be a lot more discussion I can assure you that.

Don't support mass farming and production, this is happening right now. If you want to eat meat that badly, go to small scale family farms that slaughter on site or locally, make better choices, it's not hard.

PHASE OUT THE USE OF PIG STALLS : for one moment please close your eyes and think about what it would be like laying on that floor on a 42 degree day, not being able to move and never getting out. Make ethical choices. #eatkindly

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