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Our children are being LIED to in our Education System! By the teaching of Anti-Creationist Propaganda to young innocent minds, the youth of today are being indoctrinated into the Satanic atheistic religion, and being brainwashed into dinosaur-worship! Friends, there were NO Plaleantologists in Jesus' time!

Children need to be taught THE TRUTH in our schools, not some made-up fabricated science nonsense from some Plaleantologist nutball. I don't think plaleantology is even a real science! There is absolutely NO PROOF that dinosaurs have EVER existed!  Here are the FACTS -

1. There are NO mention of dinosaurs in the Bible.

2. The word 'dinosaur' was invented in 1842 by Richard Owen. Prior to 1842, noone had even heard of a dinosaur! Yet, as soon at dinosaurs were invented, people started discovering them everywhere!? CO-INCIDENCE? If dinosaurs didn't exist until 1842, how are we expected to believe they are billions of years old!

3. Scientists 'claim' that fossils are proof of dinosaurs.  Fossils are made of ROCK. The ONLY think that fossils prove the existence of is FOSSILS!  Fossils DO NOT prove dinosaurs exist!

4. Scientists 'claim' dinosaur bones were made out of fossils  (rocks). If dinosaur's bones were made out of rocks, they'd be TOO HEAVY to stand! If YOU had bones made out of rocks, you'd be DEAD!

5. Scientists say there are no dinosaurs around today because they were all killed by an asteroid? Do you think a single asteroid could really kill all of them?! It could maybe kill 20 if they were all close together, but that's it!

6. Birds are 'supposedly' what dinosaurs 'evolved' into!? But if all dinosaurs were all killed by an asteroid, as scientists would have us believe, there would be nothing left to evolve into anything! Make your minds up, scientist morons!

7. Most of the skeletons of 'supposed' dinosaurs are actually the remains of other animals that are STILL AROUND TODAY! Skeletons passed off as dinosaurs, like the long-necked diplodocus are actually the remains of Giraffes!

8. Teaching children LIES about giant evil lizards and flying snakes will permanently damage our children. They will not know fact from fiction! It is also teaching our children that lying to adults and their teachers is acceptable. Schools should NOT be teaching children LIES!

I could go on and on with FACT after FACT. The important thing is we ACT! And act NOW! We must DEMAND that any and ALL references to dinosaurs is REMOVED from the school curriculum, and BANNED from being taught in schools.

Please sign this Petition to BAN all teaching of Dinosaurs in our Schools!

For more Information, please contact me at the details below.

Alternately, join the growing numbers of Christians who are speaking out against Dinosaur propaganda at the Facebook Page - 'Christians Against Dinosaurs' FB Group (

Thank You.

Rev Colin J. Todd.

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