Say no to opening cantonment roads to public. Support the real guardians of the nation

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Defense Minister's latest move to open 62 cantonment roads  to public is gravely  wrong as it will stake the security of cantonment by allowing infiltration of the unknown. Previously,  Local Military Authority (LMA) spent about Rs.70 lakh on setting up barricades and gates to permanently close all roads. No doubt this move will benefit the civilian world, but in the same, it will  make army personals and their families susceptible to  misfortunes of the unguarded world. Scars of Kaluchak, Pathankot and Sanjua(Jammu) are yet to be healed. While the people are welcoming this move with felicitations, it is for the length and breadth of the county to realize that we should stand up for the army that stands for us day and night, guarding our borders. Let us guard their families, who make our lives with our families safer and secure. 

Jai Hind